The Brief Bio of a Practical Dreamer – That’s Me!

We are globally all in this together – literally – because we share the same Mother Earth and can’t escape our environment.  This reality, combined with the North Star of seeking to be aware of and hopefully connect to the basic humanity in everyone, is the context for my work and life.

I offer coaching (single conversations and more structured arrangements), editing, writing, facilitating and training.  It’s a source of joy and honor to contribute to the “greater good” by being a “weaver of people”(Maori definition of a leader) across all apparent differences and divides.

My training and experience include leadership development and coaching, conflict resolution, facilitation, emotional intelligence (EQ), basic communication skills (with emphasis on deep listening to others and self), and whole systems transformation.

Starting in the late 1960s, I was a political activist, volunteer or paid staffer in organizations committed to reducing nuclear weapons, preventing wars, bringing Israeli Jews and Palestinians together and strengthening democracy.  Several decades later, I incorporated the basic values and vision into a non-adversarial perspective of “both-and”, rather than “either-or”.

A lover of learning and integrating, I have been inspired by extraordinary teachers across many interrelated disciplines who truly “walk their talk”.  And I have experienced and continue to integrate within myself what I believe are the universal values embedded in Judaism (I am Jewish), Sufiism, Buddhism and Christianity.

Since 1978, I have been a New Yorker by choice – drawn to the incredible mix of people, layers of history and still vibrant creative energy.